A powerful function to “decode” a fixed set of values.

  • text is the text to search.
  • textToSearch_x is the text (or regular expression) to search for.
  • textToReplace_x is the text that will be returned if textToSearch1 was found.

If textToSearch_x was found, textToReplace_x will be returned. If textToSearch_x was not found, the same producure will be performed on textToSearch_x+1 until a result is found.

If no textToSearch_x was found at all, fallback is returned (or an empty text, if no fallback was defined.


decodeAll(description, /ladies/i, 'F', /women/i, 'F', /gentlemen/i, 'M', /men/i, 'M', 'uni' )

  • “Women’s top” → “F”
  • “Men’s shoes” → “M”
  • “Fluffy scarf” → “uni”