Rule editor is the core aspect of transformation. The configuration of every rule can be specified in this section.


1. Target Attribute

The name of the attribute in the target list. For choosing a name the following options exist:

  • Choosing the same name as an attribute in the source: In that case the source attribute will be overwritten from this point onwards.
  • Choosing the same name as the target of some rules before this rule: In this case the value of that attribute will be overwritten from this point onwards.
  • Choosing a totally new name: A new attribute with this name will be stored in the target.

Please note that the processing of the rules are one after another in the specified order. If a few rules with the same name exists, only the latest rule, which is the one specified last will be considered.

After choosing the name, it will appear on the left side in the Rules section, in order to facilitate choosing and finding this rule in later.

If the optional toggle next to the target name As Script is activated, the target itself will be evaluated as a Chioro Expression, and the result of that expression will determine the “real” name of the target. This is an advance concept which is useful in certain rare use-cases.

2. Condition

If specified, the rule will be considered only when the entered Chioro Expression is evaluated to true. There are certain tools under toolbox that can help formulate such conditional Chioro Expressions.

3. Comment

Free text to specify any remarks, comments or documentation about the rules. The comments do not affect the execution of the rules in any way.

4. Value Assignment

Here is a special text box designed to facilitate working with chioro expression. The result of this expression is stored in the field with the name specified in Target. The tools under the Toolbox are specially useful in this section.

Please note that the tools inside the toolbox can be easily dragged-and-dropped in the corresponding sections of the rule editor, as seen in the screenshot below.