Chioro offers the possibility to store configurations for the access to external data sources in the admin menu:


  1. access to the admin menu
  2. here a new configuration can be created
  3. list of existing configurations. These can be edited by clicking on the name.

New configuration


After clicking ‘Add Configuration’ a configuration type must be selected. At the moment API Key, CommerceTools, Cloudinary, Storage and DynamoDB are available.

API key


An API key is needed to connect external data sources to Chioro. A detailed description can be found in chapter [Data source](../Operations/Data source).



The required access data is generated when creating a project on the Commercetools website and must be entered here.


Under Storage you have the possibility to mount external file systems. This function is realized by rclone, there you can also find information about the required settings and supported providers:

Link to the page of rclone

Several templates are available and can be selected by clicking on the corresponding button. The fields are to be understood as a suggestion, the required fields may differ, depending on the use case. For this reason, lines can be added with ‘+’ and deleted with the trash can icon. In case of problems please contact the administrator.


  1. a name must be assigned
  2. template DigitalOcean S3
  3. template AWS S3
  4. template SFTP (file transfer via ssh)
  5. template Microsoft Azure
  6. empty template (‘name’ and ‘type’ must always be assigned)


  1. with the plus symbol lines are added, thus a new key-value entry is created.
  2. with the template symbol the templates are shown or hidden. Clicking on a new template overwrites all existing fields.
  3. the trash can icon removes rows.

After clicking ‘Save’ Chioro tries to mount the new data source. In case of error messages the settings have to be adjusted.



Name: User defined name for the selection later in the Flow. DynamoDB Url: Optional Url from the API Endpoint of the DynamoDB. If the original DynamoDB from AWS is used, this field should be left be empty and will be generated automatically. AccessKeyId: Public key part of the key pair generated for the AWS account by Amazon to be used by Chioro. SecretKeyId: Secret key part. Region: Identifier of the region wich the dynamoDB is in, for example: eu-central-1.

Chioro uses the BatchWriteItem command from DynamoDB to write into the tables. The AWS account needs the write permissions for the tables it should be able to use.