What is Chioro?

Chioro is the Swiss Army Knife for retailers, marketplace operators and other e-commerce operators when it comes to product data.

Chioro helps to efficiently get product data from different sources into the store or marketplace in a high-quality and consistent form.

After all, good product data is the fuel of e-commerce, as numerous functions depend on the quality of product data.

  • Product search - Detailed, intelligent search functions
  • Cross selling - Perfect recommendations for your customers
  • Visibility - Good results in search engines
  • Product presentation - Present products more attractively

When to look at Chioro

  • You have an assortment of tens of thousands of items?
  • You receive the product data catalogs from a wide variety of sources?
  • You receive the product data catalogs in a wide variety of formats and with a wide variety of content?
  • You receive the product data catalogs at regular intervals?

What does Chioro do?

Chioro prepares product data based on rules. This preparation takes place in so-called flows:

  • Read in data (numerous internal and external sources as well as formats are possible).
  • Process data according to arbitrary rules
  • Output data (Either the data is downloaded directly or passed on to an external destination)

How is Chioro used?

Chioro is mainly used in front of the PIM system or the store system of a store or a marketplace. But Chioro can also be used beneficially in all other places where product data is to be transformed, linked, processed or enriched.