Find all the numeric values in value and tries to convert their unit according to the input parameters: factor, oldUnit, newUnit, decimalPlaces

  • factor: Multiplied by this parameter in case the unit is found, or if no units are specified.
  • oldUnit: If specified, tries to only find the numeric values with this unit and multiply them with the factor.
  • newUnit: If specified, the newUnit will replace the oldUnit.
  • decimalPlaces: If specified, the number will be rounded to this many decimal places.

Please note that oldUnit and newUnit could be any arbitrary text and do not need to be a real “unit” in physical sense.


  • convertUnit("23 apples and 25 bananas", 1, "apples", "carrots") → “23 carrots and 25 bananas”
  • convertUnit("2.3 m", 100, 'm', 'cm') → “230 cm”
  • convertUnit("2.3 and 2.4", 100, '', 'cm') → “230 cm and 240 cm”